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Winter Park Honey began as a hobby and has grown in popularity since 2006 and sells under 3 great brands: Winter Park Honey (raw gourmet honey) Local Bee Honey (raw local honey across the USA) and Wild Florida Honey (hive products beekeeping supplies and raw honey). Our love of honeybees and passion for creating awesome tasting health honey made us popular worldwide. All of the honey from Winter Park Honey is raw unheated unfiltered and unstrained to preserve the honey's natural healthful benefits. Each bottle of our honey has a unique flavor dependent on the nectar from local flowers. Our honey is harvested frequently to capture the delicate flavors of the seasonal nectars. Each bottle is like a fine wine. Winter Park Honey has developed a proprietary recipe consisting of local and regional wildflower honey. This recipe ensures that you eat today what your breathe tomorrow no matter where you reside. Take 1 tablespoon of our raw unprocessed Ultimate Wildflower Honey daily to reduce your allergy symptoms. We have hives located throughout Florida and Colorado. Our bees are treated like the royalty they are. We respect the bees and they reward us with great honey! We never use pesticides in around of anywhere near our hives. Our bees always eat their own honey so they stay healthy and strong. In addition to our local raw wildflower honey we also have a variety of raw gourmet honeys that are simply delicious. From Florida we have orange blossom tupelo palmetto galberry and avocado honey. From Wisconsin we have goldenrod clover and basswood honey. From Oregon we have raspberry and blackberry honey. From Washington State we have buckwheat and fireweed honey.

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